Free Enhanced Automatic Flight Control System –
Adds electronic stability and protection (ESP), under speed protection (USP), emergency descent mode (EDM), auto-level function, coupled go-around, automatic autopilot activation and expanded envelope engagement to the standard automatic flight control system.
  Free Garmin GSR 56 Iridium Transceiver –
Provides access to datalink weather services. Worldwide coverage is provided by the Iridium satellite network which also provides satellite voice communication and text message capabilities. An Iridium service account and accompanying data/weather subscription plans are required.
 Free TAWS-A –
Provides visual and aural warning alerts for terrain avoidance. It supports steep approach functionality and warning modes such as excessive descent rate, altitude loss after takeoff and inadvertent descent below glideslope. In addition, the Class A TAWS uses GPS input and a worldwide terrain database to display an enhanced graphical plan view of terrain, color coded in relation to the aircraft’s position. This option requires the KRA 405B Radar Altimeter described below.
  Free KRA 405B Radar Altimeter –
Gives an absolute altitude indication from 2,000 to 0 feet AGL. Provides selection of warning altitude and annunciation via both a decision height light (displayed on the pilot and co-pilot’s PFD) and an aural warning.

*Offer restrictions and standard aircraft purchase terms and conditions, including limited warranties, apply. Applicable to new aircraft orders only. Aircraft must be purchased direct from Textron Aviation or an authorized sales representative to qualify. Purchase agreement must be fully executed and deposit funded by March 22, 2019, and Purchaser must take delivery of aircraft no later than December 20, 2019, to be eligible.

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